Alexander Isak speaks to Swedish media ahead of return to action with Newcastle United

Alexander Isak arrived at Newcastle United at the end of August.

With only the injury-prone Callum Wilson and Chris Wood in the squad, Eddie Howe needed another striking option.

Wilson, who started the season strongly with two goals in three games, was excellent against Man City when he scored in the third of the opening three games, then declared himself injured after that thrilling 3-3 draw against the current champions.

This injury, and Callum Wilson again out for an unspecified period of time, was probably what provided the final push to sign Alexander Isak for a club record £59m (over £4m in potential future additions ).

The Sweden international arrived at St James’ Park in time to face Wolves, with Wilson ruled out but his work permit not.

Instead, Alexander Isak finally got the go-ahead very shortly before the opening game at Liverpool, where he made an impressive debut, scoring two superb goals, only for the second to be ruled out by a highly dubious VAR-inspired decision.

That unfortunate defeat was followed by draws against Palace and Bournemouth, Alexander Isak adding another goal from the penalty spot.

Then injury struck, Alexander Isak ruled out since mid-September and very strangely, almost entirely out of many fans’ thoughts as time goes on, despite the transfer fee.

For Newcastle United, Isak’s injury happily coincided with the return of Callum Wilson and the rest, as they say, is history.

Wilson and the team in excellent form, these last nine games produced eight wins and a draw, making the absence of Alexander Isak a non-issue.

Now, of course, we’re off for this World Cup break in Qatar, a very valuable bonus six weeks or so for Alexander Isak to be fully fit and ready to return to first-team action.

We’ve all loved what’s been going on at Newcastle United, especially these past two months, but I have a feeling that Alexander Isak is going to make things even better on the pitch for NUFC very soon…

Alexander Isak speaking to Vogue Scandinavia:

“I was really in my bubble when I was young – we just played (soccer) for fun.

“I grew up as a normal child and played both at school and in my free time in the neighborhood. It’s not until later that you realize how football can give kids such an outlet as it’s so accessible, all you need is a ball and some free space.

“Now I am aware that I have a global platform and I try to be an example and use it in the best possible way.”

Alexander Isak on signing for Newcastle United:

“It’s a dream come true as I’ve always wanted to play in the Premier League.

“It’s fast and simple football here, so it suits my game.

“Also, I really like the city as everyone who lives in Newcastle is a Newcastle fan, so you can really feel the passion.

“It’s a special feeling.

“Well, it’s the reality (increased scrutiny/expectation) now and I understand that with the amount of money that’s in the industry today there’s a lot of expectation.

“But I try to remember that the transfer fee had nothing to do with me, it was between the two clubs.

“So I just try to stay focused on what is under my control, which is football and my game.

“I think it’s important for kids now to know that there is no ‘right’ way.

“When you’re young you should enjoy it, kick the ball, play every chance you can and really love football, that’s what training is all about.

“Ultimately, passion is the key, without it, it would be difficult to put in the work necessary to get to the top.”

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