Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd’s Europa and Champions League fixtures out with Battle of Britain double header for Klopp

Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd’s Europa and Champions League fixtures out with Battle of Britain double header for Klopp

LIVERPOOL will play their Champions League double header with Rangers in the space of just eight days in the middle of the six-game schedule.

But Manchester City star signing Erling Haaland must wait until the end of October for his return to Borussia Dortmund.

Liverpool are set for a double header with Rangers in a gruelling six-game schedule after the Champions League and Europa League fixtures dates were revealed by Uefa

Uefa finally unveiled the confirmed fixture dates for all three European competitions this morning.

It means Chelsea will be the first prem side in Champions League action, with the early evening kick-off at 5.45pm UK time on Tuesday September 6 for their trip to Croatia’s Dinamo Zagreb.

Pep Guardiola’s City are also away on the opening day, facing the prospect of Sevilla.

The following evening, Liverpool and Spurs begin their campaigns, with Jurgen Klopp’s men travelling to meet Napoli in the renamed Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.



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Tottenham, though, are the only Prem side to start at home, with Marseille the visitors to N17.

Spurs will play just one “early” game, their trip to Sporting Lisbon on September 13, with City’s game in Copenhagen on October 11 a 5.45pm kick-off. All Liverpool’s matches will start at 8pm.

The fixtures mean City will have 24 hours extra to prepare for their home game with Spurs on September 10 and Liverpool have an extra day of recovery ahead of their trip to Chelsea the following weekend.

It also gives City a potential edge ahead of their clash with Liverpool on October 15, with Jurgen Klopp’s side in Glasgow the day after the Champions play in Denmark.


Champions League fixtures

Group A: 

Weds Sep 7 Ajax v Rangers (5.45pm), Napoli v Liverpool (8pm)

Tues Sep 13 Liverpool v Ajax (8pm), Rangers v Napoli (8pm)

Tues Oct 4 Liverpool v Rangers (8pm), Ajax v Napoli (8pm)

Weds Oct 12 Rangers v Liverpool (8pm), Napoli v Ajax (5.45pm)

Weds Oct 26 Ajax v Liverpool (8pm), Napoli v Rangers (8pm)

Tues Nov 1 Liverpool v Napoli (8pm), Rangers v Ajax (8pm)

Group D:

Weds Sep 7 Eintracht Frankfurt v Sporting Lisbon (5.45pm), Tottenham v Marseille (8pm)

Tues Sep 13 Sporting Lisbon v Tottenham (5.45pm), Marseille v Eintracht Frankfurt (8pm)

Tues Oct 4 Eintracht Frankfurt v Tottenham (8pm), Marseille v Sporting Lisbon (5.45pm)

Weds Oct 12 Tottenham v Eintracht Frankfurt (8pm), Sporting Lisbon v Marseille (8pm)

Weds Oct 26 Tottenham v Sporting Lisbon (8pm), Eintracht Frankfurt v Marseille (8pm)

Tues Nov 1 Marseille v Tottenham (8pm), Sporting Lisbon v Eintracht Frankfurt (8pm)

Group E:

Tues Sep 6 Dinamo Zagreb v Chelsea (5.45pm), Salzburg v Milan (8pm)

Weds Sep 14 Milan v D Zagreb (5.45pm), Chelsea v Salzburg (8pm)

Weds Oct 5 Salzburg v D Zagreb (5.45pm), Chelsea v Milan (8pm)

Tues Oct 11 Milan v Chelsea (8pm), D Zagreb v Salzburg (8pm)

Tues Oct 25 Salzburg v Chelsea (5.45pm), D Zagreb v Milan (8pm)

Weds Nov 2 Chelsea v D Zagreb (8pm), Milan v Salzburg (8pm)

Group G:

Tues Sep 6 Borussia Dortmund v Copenhagen (5.45pm), Sevilla v Man City (8pm)

Weds Sep 14 Man City v Borussia Dortmund (8pm), Copenhagen v Sevilla (8pm)

Weds Oct 5 Man City v Copenhagen (8pm), Sevilla v Dortmund (8pm)

Tues Oct 11 Copenhagen v Man City (5.45pm), Dortmund v Sevilla (8pm)

Tues Oct 25 Sevilla v Copenhagen (5.45pm), Dortmund v Man City (8pm)

Weds Nov 2 Man City v Sevilla (8pm), Copenhagen v Sevilla (8pm)

Europa League

Group A:

Thur Sep 8 Zurich v Arsenal (5.45pm)

Thur Sep 15 Arsenal v PSV Eindhoven (8pm)

Thur Oct 6 Arsenal v Bodo/Glimt (8pm)

Thur Oct 13 Bodo/Glimt v Arsenal (5.45pm)

Thur Oct 27 PSV Eindhoven v Arsenal (5.45pm)

Thur Nov 3 Arsenal v Zurich (8pm)

Group E:

Thur Sep 8 Man Utd v Real Sociedad (8pm)

Thur Sep 15 Sheriff Tiraspol v Man Utd (5.45pm)

Thur Oct 6 Omonoia Nicosia v Man Utd (5.45pm)

Thur Oct 13 Man Utd v Omonoia Nicosia (8pm)

Thur Oct 27 Man Utd v Sheriff (8pm)

Thur Nov 3 Real Sociedad v Man Utd (5.45pm)

Conference League Group B:

Thur Sep 8 West Ham v Steaua Bucharest (8pm)

Thur Sep 15 Silkeborg v West Ham (8pm)

Thur Oct 6 Anderlecht v West Ham (5.45pm)

Thur Oct 13 West Ham v Anderlecht (8pm)

Thur Oct 27 West Ham v Silkeborg (8pm)

Thur Nov 3 Steaua Bucharest v West Ham (8pm)

In the Europa League, Manchester United begin with a home match against Real Sociedad while Arsenal travel to Zurich.

United’s long distance journey to face Sheriff Tiraspol in Chisinau is on September 15, followed by the even longer flight to neil Lennon’s Omonoia Nicosia in the third game on October 6.

Like United, all three of Arsenal’s away games will kick off at 5.45pm.

West Ham, who start against Steaua Bucharest, have just one early game, their trip to Anderlecht on October 6.


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