Arsenal have lacked leaders for over a decade and have not earned the right to play expansive football

ARSENAL paid dearly for David Luiz’s mistakes but it’s the same old problems dogging them.

A mindset change is needed. They have have taken the lead in 12 games this season, winning just six.

David Luiz was sent off after giving away two goals against Man City

Every team throughout history has had instances when you will be on the back foot during 90 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Liverpool or Norwich, the tide changes. It’s about how you adapt to it.

Arsenal have their way of playing but you can’t carry on regardless.

You can see it with Virgil van Dijk, how he communicates and marshals others if Liverpool need to regroup for ten minutes.

The likes of Vincent Kompany, John Terry and Tony Adams were exactly the same — dealing with what is at hand.

But you look at Arsenal and there is nobody near that level and there has not been for over a decade.

While individuals like Luiz get plenty of flak — and it was very rash defending at Manchester City — it is more of a collective problem.

I’ve said for a while now while the top teams earn the right to play, Arsenal do anything but.

If Liverpool or Manchester City have to scrap and tough it out before being able to assert their own game then you know they will.

Arsenal refuse to stop playing expansively and are left open.

Against Watford and Crystal Palace they were 2-0 up and drew 2-2.

At home to Chelsea in December they led 1-0 but lost 2-1.

I don’t know why they bought David Luiz in the first place.

It’s a massive job now for Mikel Arteta if he is going to turn around the whole mentality.

He clearly wants to go with younger players but  they need to be around those senior professionals.

Liverpool have the likes of Jordan Henderson and James Milner but nobody springs to mind at Arsenal.


By: Isabelle Barker
Title: Arsenal have lacked leaders for over a decade and have not earned the right to play expansive football
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Published Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 19:30:48 +0000

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