Best defences in big 5 European leagues – Newcastle United flying high

Eddie Howe has done a remarkable job with Newcastle United’s defence.

The disciplined back line we see now is unrecognizable compared to the disasters that occurred under Howe’s predecessor.

Newcastle United have conceded just 11 goals in their 18 Premier League games, proving to be the best defense in the English top flight this season.

However, how does Eddie Howe and his defense compare in Europe’s top leagues?

Here are all the teams in Europe’s top five leagues (Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1) that are conceding an average of less than a goal per game in their respective leagues this season:

6 Barcelona (16)

7 Juventus (17)

11 Newcastle United (18)

11 lenses (17)

12 Villarreal (16)

13 Naples (17)

13 PSG (17)

13 Real Betis (16)

13 Bayern Munich (15)

14 Arsenal (17)

14 Athletic Bilbao (15)

15 Marseille (17)

15 Latium (17)

15 Atletico de Madrid (16)

15 Majorca (16)

16 Rome (17)

16 Man City (17)

As you can see, 17 clubs in total, spread across the five major European leagues, are doing better than conceding a goal per game on average.

Barcelona (6 in 16) in the League at the top of the statistics, then Juventus (7 in 17), before reaching Newcastle United (11 in 18) a clear third.

Source: Best defences in big 5 European leagues – Newcastle United flying high

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