Euro 2024 Clashes With Holiday Plans for a Third of Travellers

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Accidental Bookings Amidst Football Fever

In a surprising twist, a third of holidaymakers have found themselves with plans that clash with Euro 2024. A poll of 1,700 travellers revealed that 38 percent of those abroad during the tournament had booked their trips before the match dates were announced. Despite the overlap, 52 percent are excited about the unexpected football festivities.

Deliberate Getaway Timing for Some

Interestingly, 33 percent of those surveyed intentionally scheduled their vacations to coincide with Euro 2024. A sizeable 36 percent believe that the success of their team could enhance their holiday experience.

Jet2holidays Observes a Travel Trend

Jet2holidays, the company behind the research, notes that the Euros are influencing summer travel decisions. While some travellers may have intentionally aligned their breaks with the tournament, others are keen to disconnect from the football craze. The travel firm promises a range of choices to cater to both football fans and those looking for a peaceful retreat.

Impact on Relationships and Holiday Dynamics

The allure of the Euros is expected to alter holiday dynamics, with 22 percent of fans planning to spend less time with their partners. One in five anticipate more disputes with their significant others due to the tournament. To avoid football-related tension, some are arranging solo activities or considering rescheduling their trips.

Local Economies and Spirits Lifted by Tournament

Despite the potential for personal inconvenience, 50 percent of respondents believe that a successful run for their team will uplift tourists across Europe, with 43 percent predicting a positive impact on local economies. The tournament is seen as a way to inject excitement and create lasting travel memories, though options remain for those wishing to steer clear of the football celebrations.

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