Everton on the Brink of Ownership Shakeup as Takeover Talks Intensify

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Takeover Timeframe Could Be Swift

Everton’s potential new era under different ownership could unfold rapidly, with former club chief Keith Wyness suggesting a takeover could be completed within a mere week if the Premier League rejects the current bid from 777 Partners. Wyness, who has extensive experience in club management and now provides consultancy to elite football clubs, shared insights on how swift the due diligence process can be, drawing from his time at Aston Villa.

Premier League Decision Looms

The Toffees are currently in a holding pattern, awaiting the Premier League’s verdict on a £500 million takeover proposal from 777 Partners, which was agreed upon with current owner Farhad Moshiri last September. The Miami-based investment firm is gearing up for crucial face-to-face discussions with the league as the deal approaches its pivotal moment.

Ready for Rapid Response

Should 777 Partners face rejection, Wyness has revealed that two other US-based groups stand ready to pounce on the opportunity to take over. He emphasized the importance of a new owner being in place before the end of the season, especially with the upcoming transfer window, and noted that the process can indeed be expedited, as he witnessed during his tenure at Aston Villa.

New Stadium: A Jewel in the Crown

Wyness highlighted the allure of Everton’s new stadium project as a key asset that potential owners would find attractive. Coupled with promising future revenue forecasts, these factors contribute to an optimistic outlook for the club’s acquisition process.

Everton Faces Potential Points Deduction

In a related development, Everton could face a two-point deduction amid the ongoing takeover saga, adding another layer of complexity to the club’s future prospects.

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