Everton Takeover Turmoil: Red Flags Raised Over 777 Partners Deal

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Finance Expert Raises Concerns

Finance specialist Kieran Maguire has voiced significant concerns regarding the prospective takeover of Everton Football Club by US-based investment group 777 Partners. Recent developments have cast doubt on the suitability of the group to manage the Premier League club, suggesting a potential split between the parties involved.

Premier League Scrutiny on Takeover Conditions

Premier League chief Richard Masters has made it clear that 777 Partners must satisfy specific conditions before their acquisition of Everton can be given the green light. The deal, which was initially agreed upon last September, has since been overshadowed by troubling reports about 777’s business dealings.

Unsettling Revelations at 777-Owned Entities

Allegations have surfaced about financial mismanagement at Standard Liege, another football club in the 777 portfolio, where players have reportedly faced delayed wage payments. Additionally, Bonza, an airline under the group’s operation, has opted for voluntary administration, and a fraud lawsuit has been filed against 777 in New York.

Everton Supporters Anxious for Resolution

Maguire predicts a sense of relief among Everton fans should the takeover bid collapse in the near future. The accumulation of “red flags,” including the financial instability at 777’s associated businesses, has led to astonishment that Everton owner Farhad Moshiri did not recognize the warning signs earlier. With the integrity and future of the club at stake, a timely and decisive resolution is eagerly anticipated by the Everton community.

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