Football ace Marino claims he was abducted by aliens who ‘took out his soul’ in best ever excuse for missing training

ARGENTINE footballer Guillermo Marino claimed that he missed training because he’d been abducted by aliens, reveals former team-mate Gustavo Lorenzetti.

Marino enjoyed a trophy-laden career in South America, and enjoyed a spell at Universidad de Chile under Jorge Sampaoli between 2010 and 2013.

Guillermo Marino had an… unconventional reason for missing training
Marino played for Universidad de Chile when he made the unusual claim

And it was at this point, towards the tail end of his career, that he made the bizarre claim to his team-mates.

Lorenzetti told Lado B: “Guillermo says that he arrived late to one training because he was abducted by aliens.

“He gave us the entire explanation of what he felt and the rest of it.

“There are cases where the player says, ‘I left and I came back two days later because I was kidnapped by aliens’. But Guille is not that kind of player. Guille was a very proper guy. Everyone knows him.”

Marino, now 39, made such a convincing case with his vivid explanation of what it was like to be possessed by extra terrestrials, that many of his team-mates believed him.

Lorenzetti continued: “He started to explain that he was suddenly lost and abducted by aliens.

“He explained that they take out your soul, analyse it and all the while on the journey they are looking after you. He said something like that.

“Honestly I believe in aliens. He gave a great explanation and we’ll have to believe him. So other types of channels will have to call him so he can tell it better. But in any case, he was abducted by aliens.”

Whether or not Marino would have held enough conviction to try this explanation on manager Sampaoli, however, is another question.

Lorenzetti went on: “I don’t know if Guille would have told [Sampaoli] the same story, honestly. They must have had a chat afterwards.

“But knowing Guille, I think he must have believed him. What can you say? This is worthy of the Discovery Channel or something.”

Lorenzetti isn’t sure whether Marino tried to explain his absence to boss Jorge Sampaoli, above

Another Argentine with out-of-this-world talents Diego Maradona also claims to have been taken by a UFO.

The 59-year-old told TyC Sports last year: “Why make things up? Once, after a few too many drinks, I was missing from home for three days.

“I got home and said that UFOs had taken me. I said ‘They took me, I can’t tell you about it’.”


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Title: Football ace Marino claims he was abducted by aliens who ‘took out his soul’ in best ever excuse for missing training
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Published Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 12:48:19 +0000

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