Footballers sent personal shoppers on designer gear spending sprees when shops re-opened

FOOTBALLERS went on massive spending sprees for designer gear as shops re-opened, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.

One top-flight star blew nearly £100,000 – less a week’s wages – within hours of non-essential stores opening their doors on Monday.

Footballers sent personal shoppers on designer gear spending sprees when shops re-opened

His spree included a £5,000 designer handbag for his girlfriend.

Another Premier League player splashed out tens of thousands on a new summer wardrobe – including several pairs of £350 Amiri swimming trunks and three pairs of designer Balenciaga trainers at £750 each.

We can reveal that many players are using personal-shoppers to provide a Deliveroo style service for jewellery, watches and clothes.

They place orders with their assistants who know their tastes and snap up the items in luxury stores and boutiques.

They then drop off the luxury goods in contactless deliveries at the stars’ homes.

Among the items stars have treated themselves to this week are Gucci designer t-shirts, custom-made trainers by Valentino and limited-edition Rolex watches.

A source said: “Most of the top players these days have a personal shopper and stylist on speed dial saved on their mobile phone.

“And, since lockdown was lifted, many of them have been rushed off their feet.

“Players, like everyone else, have really struggled to get their hands on designer gear over the past few weeks. So as soon as the shops reopened on Monday the orders started to fly in.


“A number of them have been really splashing out. Often they will just text a picture of what they want and the personal shopper will head out to the nearest shop and find it. They’ll then leave the item on the players’ front door step.

“Players prefer this to shopping online as you get better quality and you are using someone who knows you.

“It will help to kick-start the economy because a lot of the lads have really been splashing out.

“That is good for the country, which has also had a lift with Premier League games coming back this week.”

Players have turned to personal shoppers in increasing numbers as managers have ordered their players to only leave home to travel to training.

He added: “All players have been told to pretty much stay at home right now unless there is some kind of an emergency.

“They are being tested regularly at training grounds which, along with the matchday stadiums, are among the safest places anyone could be.

“Players are being warned that by going out and about they could bring the virus back to the club and infect the entire team. So none of the players will be taking that risk.

“But that is just increasing the demand for these personal shoppers.”

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By: Sean Gallen
Title: Footballers sent personal shoppers on designer gear spending sprees when shops re-opened
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Published Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 00:27:10 +0000

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