‘Horrible, revolting culprits’ – Simon Jordan’s list of issues that need fixing in football includes UEFA, broadcasters and even players following collapse of European Super League

Football as we know it almost made the seismic change that fans, players and managers feared but Simon Jordan believes there are still a number of other issues in the game that need fixing.

The so-called ‘big six’ Premier League clubs and six other top European clubs attempted to form a European Super League but the breakaway project collapsed following a furious backlash.

The people spoke and the Super League was beaten. But what about the other holes in football?

There’s been plenty of fallout from the Super League, with the owners of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United coming in for particular criticism among their own fans.

Stan Kroenke’s status as Arsenal owner has come under the microscope with Gunners fans protesting in their masses, while Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek has thrown his hat in the ring to buy the club off the American.

However, Jordan believes there are other ‘horrible, revolting culprits among our very fabric football that need to be attended to,’ and he doesn’t just mean agents!

Jordan spoke passionately on the issues he thinks need fixing in football

Players salaries: They’re through the ceiling and can’t be managed and no one’s doing anything about it.

Unions: Ones that draw money out of football and stop football trying to evolve and correct itself, putting wage caps in.

UEFA: An organisation steeped in corruption and has driven people’s agendas by the need to keep on generating more revenue and controlling the game the way they want to.

Broadcasters: Some are dressing themselves up as the heroes but actually have driven the narrative and the thinking why football has gone the way it does. The hypocrisy we’re seeing is gut-wrenching.

Players: They’re being perceived as heroes because they popped up at a populist moment saying they wouldn’t play in the European Super League when we all bloody well know they would’ve done if push came to shove because the economics of it would’ve made it so appealing to them.

Premier League players, fronted by Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, released a statement speaking out against the Super League

Trevor Sinclair disagreed that players would have joined the Super League, to which Simon responded: “You do in principle because it’s never been put to the test.

“But if the threat had been taken off the table which I think was an empty threat because FIFA aren’t going to go to do that… forget about it!

“The media has a vested interest where it’s terrified of football is getting its act together and building its own platform and saying ‘thanks very much Sky, that was wonderful, we don’t need you any more, we can do it ourselves.’

“People need to focus on why this stuff happens. We know that some of it is greed by the ‘Big Six’ but what about the other greed? What about the agents, the governance of the game, what about the players, what about all of this?

“We rile the fans up convincing them the government is going to help them. The government are going to deflect from the current condition of the country and do nothing.

“Fans are going to sit there and say we’ve got a real chance to change football, No, you don’t. It’s not going to change because there’s too much money and until that button isn’t pushed we’re going to continue as we are.”


By: Jackson Cole
Title: ‘Horrible, revolting culprits’ – Simon Jordan’s list of issues that need fixing in football includes UEFA, broadcasters and even players following collapse of European Super League
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Published Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:51:27 +0000

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