How long is a Premier League drinks break, and what is rule on players’ bottles?

WITH the Premier League back on our screens, new guidelines have been set up in order to follow the plans set out by the government.

Players won’t have to wear masks on the pitch but set-pieces will be changed and they will not be able to celebrate together when a goal is scored.

Players will have their own personalised water bottles so they cannot share

There will also be the option to bring on five subs instead of three as players will be tested for the virus regularly and anyone who has it must self isolate for 14 days even if they are asymptomatic.

All games are being played behind closed doors with all of the remaining games being aired live on TV through Sky Pick, Sky Sports, Amazon, BBC and BT.


How long will the drinks break be during matches?

The premier League has now introduced a mandatory one minute water break in each half of the game.

The timing of the break is at the discretion of the referee but they will probably happens half way through each half for hygiene reasons.

What’s the rule on players sharing bottles?

There will be one minute water breaks in each half of the game

Players will have their own personalised bottles that they will drink from.

This is so that they rehydrate hygienically without having to worry about spreading any form of bacteria whilst playing on the pitch.

What other changes will happen to abide by hygiene regulations?

Balls will also be sterilised at regular intervals throughout the match

The fourth official and medical staff will wear face masks, for managers and coaching staff this is optional.

The teams will come out in small groups from the tunnel as oppose having the regular pre-match line up.

Players won’t be able to encroach on coaching staff or referees so even if they think something is wrong they cannot do anything about it.

Player will also not be allowed to spit on the pitch, thankfully.


By: Sara Hussain
Title: How long is a Premier League drinks break, and what is rule on players’ bottles?
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Published Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 17:25:24 +0000

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