Hypocrite journalist at it again with embarrassing attack on Newcastle United fans about Saudi Arabia

There was even more drama at the World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday night as the final matches of Group C were played.

Argentina – Poland and Saudi Arabia – Mexico, with all four countries still able to qualify for the round of 16.

The drama that night ended with Argentina and Poland, while Saudi Arabia and Mexico were eliminated.

Now imagine, you are a journalist, actually the chief sports editor of a national newspaper. A highly paid chief sports writer who traveled abroad, all expenses paid, staying in luxury hotels and dining in high-end restaurants, to provide expert professional commentary on the tournament and, in particular, that night, what happens with Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

A night of great drama that finally ended with both eliminated from this World Cup.

With the game heading into the final stages and both nations’ hopes hanging in the balance, here’s what The Mail on Sunday’s chief sports writer has to say…

Oliver Holt November 30, 2022

You just can’t make it up.

It would have cost The Mail a fortune to send Oliver Holt to cover this World Cup in Qatar and at such a crucial final stage of this group being decided, Holt chooses to try and goad Newcastle United fans with a cheap tweet , instead of doing so. his job, to report on this World Cup.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it as Oliver Holt is someone who has thrown his support behind this World Cup in Qatar and added credibility by traveling there, throwing morality out the window, actually paying to be in Qatar , stay in Qatar. luxury hotels and dining in high-end restaurants with expenses, ensuring additional cash flows to the Qatari regime.

This, of course, is just a continuation of Holt’s disgraceful behavior eight days earlier when he covered one of the most surprising results in World Cup history, he got away with it after Argentina 1 Saudi Arabia 2.. .

Oliver Holt November 22, 2022

Honestly, what a shame this guy is.

Oliver Holt, chief sports writer at The Mail on Sunday… came up with this lame attempt at provocation from Newcastle United fans. His employers pay all this money in salaries and expenses for this character to be in Qatar, so this is what comes out???

The fact that Holt sees himself as some kind of moral champion is probably the funniest thing of all, he’s just an absolute hypocrite of the highest order.

Here’s how Newcastle United fans and neutrals reacted to this latest disgraceful behavior from Oliver Holt on Wednesday night…

“Hilarious Mr. Hypocrite.”

“I think you’re obsessed, you must have a hobby.”

“Since the decline of print journalism, any blogger can call themselves a journalist and that’s a threat to established hackers like Oliver. The only way to get your work noticed in a crowded market is being deliberately provocative.

“Made your vacation like that, huh?”

“Senegal are also quite similar but don’t let that affect your prejudice… so you’re out there, get a chance to highlight the negative side of Qatar with the World Cup, but you’d rather detour to Newcastle” .

“I’m ashamed that your family has to see you go through this very public crisis.”

‘Boring Ollie. Change the registry.’

“Grab an Ollie, there’s a discount in the club shop at the moment.”

“Don’t worry guys, he’ll be fine once the Middle East takes over Liverpool and Man Utd, we won’t hear a beat from him.”

‘Why are you in Qatar?’

“Journalism is very difficult here.”

“You’re over there Ollie, earning your precious oil money, why don’t you ask them?”

“I know you’re just fishing, but you need new gear. Jim Davidson’s journalistic version appeals.

“Ollie keep taking your tainted shillings.”

“Fair play next to your directors and boycotting the WC… oh wait… You’ve probably traveled with Middle Eastern carriers staying in a 5* hotel on your expense account.”

“Wait till you see LiVARPoor and Man Utd next season.”

“Indeed, can you imagine paying a ‘journalist’ for that? Stealing life.’

“Are you enjoying the gifts and culture of Qatar?”

“In a World Cup, but still talking about Newcastle Utd, you must be so lonely Oliver.”

‘Why are you in Qatar?’

‘Why do you pretend to care when you work for the Daily Mail? Are you a serious journalist?

‘Oliver, why don’t you answer when people ask you questions and tag you, but then you post these attention seeking tweets trying to be funny!! You are a hypocrite.

“It’s becoming an obsession Ollie, look around you, the World Cup is happening.”

“There it is, people sportswriter-in-chief of the Mail, it’s amazing.”

If journalists are so disgusted with where the money comes from when it comes to Premier League clubs, surely they couldn’t work for any employer doing business with any country or regime they disapprove of…

Maybe someone like Oliver Holt?

This is the real silver bullet when it comes to Holt’s disgraceful attacks on the Newcastle United fan base.

Neil Farrington via Twitter – May 15, 2022:

“I wonder what Ollie Holt thinks of his employers (Daily Mail and General Trust – DMGT) organizing the Saudi Entertainment and Entertainment Expo, “the Kingdom’s first trade event dedicated to the entertainment and entertainment industry ” – this next week.

“Or the Saudi Sound and Light Exhibition.

“Or the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia.

“Or the Saudi Infrastructure Exhibition.

“Or the Index Saudi Interior Design Exhibition.”

Newcastle United fans don’t choose which football club they support, like any other genuine football fan, their club chose them. It’s a lifelong deal, not like changing supermarkets or jobs…

Oliver Holt works for an organization where the money coming into his bank account is directly linked in part to the money generated by DMGT’s (Daily Mail and General Trust) relationship with the state of Saudi Arabia. Until September (2022), the people Oliver Holt works for organized the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.

Oliver Holt chooses who he works for, so if he has these Everest level principles, how can he handle working for an organization that has such huge business interests involving Saudi Arabia. where it generates millions and millions of pounds in revenue that helps pay Holt’s wages and sends him on an all-expenses-paid trip to this World Cup in Qatar?

If hypocrite Oliver Holt one day refuses to keep taking money from his employers who generate so much money from Saudi Arabia, maybe he could hurl cheap insults at Newcastle United fans without being a hypocrite, instead just being embarrassing. .

For starters, though, surely if you have any integrity, at the very least, every time Oliver Holt writes something about Newcastle United / Eddie Howe / NUFC fans and the majority ownership of the Saudi Arabian PIF, surely he has a duty at the same time. to admit that their wages are being paid by an employer who makes millions due to numerous business relationships with the Saudi Arabian state…and then vehemently condemns them for doing so.

Of course, there are plenty of other embarrassing skeletons in Oliver Holt’s closet that I wish would go away…

Oliver Holt – 7 December 2019 in The Mail:

“When the UK government is negotiating with the Saudis, it’s hard to blame Hearn and Joshua for taking their money too.”

Oliver Holt had this to say about the likes of Chelsea and Man City in 2011:

@danielvh88 Does it really matter whose money it is? Chelsea spends Russian money, City spends Arab money, West Ham spends English money.image

Yes, there’s Shameless, then there’s Oliver Holt.

Source: Hypocrite journalist at it again with embarrassing attack on Newcastle United fans about Saudi Arabia

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