Infamous Bellagraph Nova Group character finally arrested 2 years after ‘trying’ to buy Newcastle United

It was always a good laugh to read about the Bellagraph Nova Group.

Perhaps not so much fun for the media, especially for certain local media in the North East, who reported on them as serious potential new owners of Newcastle United.

In August 2022, the Bellagraph Nova Graph released a statement saying they were in ongoing talks with Ashley’s representatives to buy the club and had now reached the point where they had shown evidence of funds to Mike Ashley to buy Newcastle United. With a club buyout happening in the very near future, according to them…

Newcastle fans, however, treated this issue with some skepticism, almost to the same degree that some journalists push Henry Mauriss as a credible buyer of this football club.

As various media outlets (see below) exposed the Bellagraph Nova Group claims to be a massive global entity with a turnover of $12 billion, 23,000 employees and major headquarters now based in Paris, putting doctored photos of Barack Obama on the their website and press releases, that still didn’t stop their claims…

Even when (see below) the large Paris headquarters was shown to be an illusion and in fact the headquarters of the Bellagraph Nova Group remained in Singapore, a fourth-floor office above a boutique animals and a restaurant.

In October 2020, one of the three co-founders of the Bellagraph Nova Group, Evangeline Shen, told the BBC that they were still going ahead with their alleged plans to buy Newcastle United and were reportedly still in ongoing talks with representatives of Mike Ashley to buy Newcastle United. .

Terence Loh, Nelson Loh and Evangeline Shen were the three co-founders, but at that time they were down to two.

The Straits Times then gave an intriguing/hilarious update on the Bellagraph Nova Group’s state of play, revealing that in addition to ceasing to work with the other two partners, Nelson Loh had done a disappearing act, along with the ’employee Wong Soon Yuh. .

Fast forward to the present day and now the Singaporean media has been updated on this story, with reporting that after more than two years on the run, former Bellagraph Nova Group partner and purported buyer of Newcastle United, Nelson Loh has finally been arrested.

They claim that Nelson Loh and Wong Soon Yuh were finally caught in China on Christmas Eve and after being returned to Singapore on Christmas Day, the pair faced two counts of forgery.

Days after his disappearance in 2020, police received a report that signatures from accounting firm Ernst & Young had been forged on some of NHGH’s financial statements.

The pair allegedly falsified NGHG’s audited financial statements in 2019 and used them to obtain bank loans of A$18 million (about £11 million).

Friday August 21, 2020: A brilliant Reuters piece looked at Bellagraph Nova Group’s credentials:

BNG claimed to have a turnover of $12 billion in 2019 and have 23,000 employees, they also claimed that their headquarters were now in Paris, BUT Reuters could find no record of a company called Bellagraph Nova Group registered in France.

Also, Reuters could not find a company with that name at the address it had given as the BNG headquarters (10 Place Vendome), one of its reporters visited the address and there is an office rental business operated by Regus in the building. with a receptionist saying that the BNG Group has used some office space there but their staff were not always present…

The Bellagraph Nova Group has an office in Singapore, which Reuters visited, reported to be on the top floor of a four-storey building above a pet shop and restaurant.

On the other hand, Newcastle fan and long-time contributor to The Mag, Jonathan Drape-Comyn, was at the time (2020) living in Singapore. So, after the Reuters piece, Jonathan took a tour of the Bellagraph Nova Group headquarters in Singapore and took the photo below of their offices (upstairs)…

As a Newcastle fan you wonder what would have happened if these characters from the Bellagraph Nova Group (or similar) had somehow taken over our club…

Source: Infamous Bellagraph Nova Group character finally arrested 2 years after ‘trying’ to buy Newcastle United

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