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Experienced Kalidou Koulibaly believes there needs to be a different mindset at Chelsea when everyone gets back together after the World Cup.

The 31-year-old defender is one of 12 in the current blue team who have been called up by their respective nations for the tournament in Qatar. There would be more if it weren’t for injuries, which Koulibaly believes is a big factor in our recent run of poor results, but highlights factors within the players’ control – work-rates and mentality – as the main target for improve the shape of the games. ahead in the distance.

“We have to be sad after losing at Newcastle,” he begins. “We wanted to get the three points but it was a tough game. Newcastle played well, they had a lot of intensity and it was difficult for us with all the injuries we have and all the pressure they put on us.

“It was a bit tough and we are sad to lose this game because we wanted more and we didn’t get it. We have to work hard because we are far from the top of the Premier League.
“We have a lot of very important players who are injured,” added Senegal’s international captain, “and the players who have played are not in a good mood. We have to keep working, keep believing because we can reach our goal.

“We have a break and we can think about our team, think about Chelsea, the club, because there is a lot to do to get back in good shape.”

Koulibaly uses the term reset to describe the approach when the Premier League resumes in the last week of December.

“We have to know that we’re not in a good place,” he says. “We have to keep working, keep believing. It’s hard for the fans to lose again because it’s three games in a row that we lose and it costs us and it costs them.

“So we have to come back after the World Cup with a different mentality, a mentality to win the games and to get points.”

Source: Koulibaly: We can reach our objective | News | Official Site

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