Leeds United news: Whelan reacts PPV broadcast decision

Noel Whelan has labelled the Premier League’s decision to put some games  including those of his former club Leeds United behind a paywall as a “disgrace”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs, the boyhood Whites fan believes the Premier League should be “helping” Leeds fans rather than charging them more money.

The Premier League announced last week that the five fixtures not picked for broadcast per round will be available to watch for £14.95 a game on BT Sport box office and Sky Sports box office.

Leeds’ first game on the new service will be next Friday when they travel to Aston Villa which will be available to watch on BT Sport box office.

Asked by Football Insider whether he thought the Premier League were making a mistake, Whelan said: “I think so, yes.

“When you look at the times we’re living in, there’s many people losing their jobs and the last thing they need is more money taken from their bank account.

“If anything they should be trying to help the public out.

“We keep talking about mental health, football is part of their lives and a massive part and now they’re making it even more difficult to enjoy their football and watch it.

“It’s a disgrace. They get enough money, over a £1bn was spent by clubs in the Premier League on players coming in.

“The life support of a football club is their supporters now please give them something back. From a Leeds point of view, this is another kick in the teeth and a disgrace from the Premier League.

“They should be helping them in this time, not making it doubly difficult to watch their team play.

“This is kicking them in the face while their down by the Premier League and again, it’s money, money, money.

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