Liverpool fans split amid takeover uncertainty, with dilemmas to follow for Jurgen Klopp and supporters

Since news broke last month that Fenway Sports Group is open to selling Liverpool, certainty has been scarce for those linked to the club.

And while the developments surrounding the early leaders may seem like a step toward clarity, they may in fact create more questions than answers.

Much can be seen in the reaction to The Sporting News’ revelation that a joint Saudi-Qatari consortium is planning a £3.2bn bid for the Reds.

If social media is to be believed, Jurgen Klopp’s future at the club has been thrown into doubt by the mere possibility of a takeover from the Middle East.

Apparently his comments about how Newcastle United, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain prevent him from ever working with owners in that part of the world.

Of course, the truth is a bit more complex than that. To begin with, by declaring that “no one can compete with City” or “there is no ceiling for Newcastle”, Klopp was merely stating an indisputable fact about the spending power of the two clubs.

In fact, the closest he got to deeper criticism of his ownership was a vague and extremely brief reference to “human rights issues” following Newcastle’s takeover by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

And, perhaps most importantly, Klopp recently said of his future: “Whatever happens, I really like how we work together with our owners, but if that were to change, I’m committed to the club, obviously.”

FSG's John Henry and Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp

As such, it will be fascinating to see how the German would react should a takeover of this nature finally go through.

The same can be said of Liverpool supporters, although their relationship with the club is much more complicated than that of employer and employee.

Having spent years decrying City’s “oil money” and, perhaps rightly, taking extra pride in the successes achieved without unlimited funds under Klopp, the potential for hypocrisy is clear.

It’s no surprise, then, that a section of Liverpool’s fan base expressed strong opposition to the idea of ​​a club and city that has long prided itself on the precision of its moral compass associated with states currently under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

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Still, many fans have already admitted that the idea of ​​joining their club with a select group that can spend at the level now required for regular silver collection outweighs concerns about contradiction or ethical concerns.

Indeed, after seeing Kylian Mbappe and Jude Bellingham shine for their national teams either side of our report on Sunday, both names were prematurely mentioned countless times by Liverpool fans on social media.

Ultimately, the identity of the investors involved will inform how much they feel about the whole matter, with the strength of their ties to the two respective states a key factor, and something that is still unclear.

But with this unlikely to be a point of contention for the Premier League or the FA, who previously used their veto power to block Newcastle’s takeover, it’s a dilemma for supporters who want to start pondering now Indeed, there is little more that they, or indeed Klopp, can do during a period defined by doubt.

Source: Liverpool fans split amid takeover uncertainty, with dilemmas to follow for Jurgen Klopp and supporters

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