Man Utd’s Edinson Cavani transfer seems like desperation… a £200k-a-week deal is a massive gamble

I THINK you all know I like a gamble now and again… but nothing like the one Manchester United have taken in signing Edinson Cavani.

It was obvious they needed something even before last week’s shocker against Spurs.

Edinson Cavani is working himself into shape ahead of his debut

Edinson Cavani is pocketing a staggering £200,000-a-week at United

The worrying thing was a few of them seemed to throw in the towel.

But signing Cavani, 33, on over £200,000 a week on the final day of the transfer window did smack of desperation to me.

I had people telling me eight weeks ago he was keen to come to England.

When I heard the wages I just wished them good luck.

So if he was someone United were that keen on signing, why did they leave it so late?

Cavani has been a great player over the years and if he’s still got the hunger and the talent, then he’ll do a good job for them.

I hope for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s sake he is because they certainly cannot afford any more displays like that one against Spurs.

Harry Redknapp believes Cavani’s arrival smacks as desperation

I’VE come in for a bit of stick for suggesting Spurs can be serious title challengers this season, but what’s so daft about that?

It is pretty obvious no one is going to run away with it like Liverpool last time — and some of the results have been real  coupon busters.

And I know Tottenham have been a bit of a mixed bag  themselves, even if how well they played at Old Trafford was almost ignored as most people focused on how bad United were.

But  they will be there or thereabouts this season, even though I do think the eventual champions will once again be either  Liverpool or Manchester City.

You cannot knock the squad Jose Mourinho’s built, though, and there is genuine competition for every single position.

It’s packed with internationals and the depth means that they’re far better placed to handle the  inevitable injuries.

OK, they might still fall short, but it would hardly be the strangest of outcomes in these strangest of times.


By: Richard Forrester
Title: Man Utd’s Edinson Cavani transfer seems like desperation… a £200k-a-week deal is a massive gamble
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Published Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2020 21:30:00 +0000

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