Manchester United and Liverpool after Saudi cash – Where are the hypocritical journalists now?

Well, if anyone ever asks me if it hurts to say it, the answer is a resounding NO!

I have no regrets that Newcastle United were chosen by the Saudi Arabian PIF in October 2021.

Manchester United and Liverpool fans are now lamenting the fact that the “richest people in the world” have bought the famous black and white instead of them.

There hasn’t been much (anything?) from the hypocritical journalists either, now the North West mob needs a big cash injection.

Like Oliver Holt and Miguel Delaney should hang their heads in absolute shame.

Newcastle United are now being transformed on solid foundations and the members of the Saudi Arabian PIF-led consortium have endeared themselves to our huge fan base.

That hasn’t stopped countless numbers of Manchester United and Liverpool “supporters” claiming that now is the time for Saudi Arabia’s PIF to come to their rescue.

The consensus is that now these two dysfunctional clubs are officially on the market, the time is ripe for the Saudis to somehow ditch Newcastle United.

And they call us delusional.

Of course, the saddos at Championship channel RTG have also added their support to this absolute nonsense, just to confirm that the Sunderland supporters’ beef has nothing to do with human rights issues.

The stark truth is that Saudi Arabia’s PIF have been offered pieces of crumbling empires at Old Trafford and Anfield in the recent past and hastily declined.
Both are in deep financial trouble, with Manchester United in particular over half a million pounds in debt.

These two, who are increasingly looking like the clubs they have been, have never had to adhere to the burdens of Financial Fair Play and have consistently lived up to their past reputations as bulwarks of the English and European game.

Well, time waits for no one, and there are certainly no fairy godmothers granted by sheiks with deep pockets to save them, as they would like.

The spite and jealousy shown towards Newcastle United, the Saudi Arabian PIF, Reuben Bros and Amanda Staveley’s PCP Partners group, by the two clubs mentioned and others, will never be forgotten.

These owners have already proven and ensured that our 2021 lottery win was not made with a fake ticket.

They have achieved more in 13 months than the despicable previous owner of Newcastle United did in over fourteen years.

Our fortunes have changed on and off the pitch and the entire football world is watching in awe.

Pundits and journalists have to digest massive amounts of humble pie and fans all over the country now sit back and appreciate the gallant way Eddie Howe has made us play.

We are currently third in the EPL and leaving some members of the Septic 6 in our wake.

That’s a fact, we’re the real deal and we’re ready to go above and beyond because our owners do it right.

There will be no boom and bust on Tyneside or St James’s Park.

Our time has come again and we only remember that we were the true and established United when the Salford club wore the green and yellow strips, playing under the handle of Newton Heath.

The Glazers and Liverpool FSG know the scoreboard after the collapse of Project Big Picture and the European Super League, so now they are rescuing.

As John Hall once said on the Saint and Greavsie show in 1992 (ironically, when we were fighting for relegation to the Third Division)… “Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal… get over it we’re passing”.

We do it again but this time there will be no turning back.

We are now Newcastle United in heart, as well as name, and we have owners who are the envy of every club in the country.

Read it and weep to all you glory hunters and jealous small hour wannabes… and welcome to “Toon Time”.


Source: Manchester United and Liverpool after Saudi cash – Where are the hypocritical journalists now?

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