Manchester United give valuable guidance ahead of Selhurst Park visit for Newcastle United

I have to give a lot of praise to Erik Ten Hag for what he has done at Manchester United.

Obviously not on the scale of what Eddie Howe has done at Newcastle United, of course.

However, he (Ten Hag) has brought some sort of stability and progress to a club where they have abysmal owners (not on the scale of Mike Ashley but doing their best to be…) who have taken so many disastrous decisions and appointments, plus his clear sole motivation (like Ashley when he’s at NUFC) is clearly to get the most out of it, even if it’s to the detriment of Manchester United as a football club.

Anyway, I digress.

I was watching Crystal Palace v Manchester United last night with special interest.

The fact that the Ten Hag side were below Newcastle United on goal difference and, more importantly, Eddie Howe and his side head to Selhurst Park on Saturday.

With about 15-20 minutes to go before Wednesday night’s game, I texted my mate who is a Manchester United fan (yes, it’s that way).

Anyway, I sent him a text saying, if Manchester United don’t finish them off, they’ll kick themselves if Crystal Palace get a draw.

They (Manchester United) don’t and they (Crystal Palace) do.

That’s if you can say that a long range free kick Olise rocket is a fluke… although my basic point was absolutely proven with the money, which my Manchester United mate didn’t appreciate that he he remembered after he had thundered on his back. of your network.

The point is that Manchester United were clearly the better team, they dominated the game, they should have won. Simple as that.

The fact that they didn’t was not at the heart of Olise’s stunning free-kick. If they didn’t get the second and third goals their dominance deserved, Palace’s stunner should have been little more than a consolation.

In many ways, Manchester United remind me a lot of Newcastle United last season, AFTER Eddie Howe arrived and started to sort things out.

Erik Ten Hag has looked to build from a solid foundation at the back, Manchester United conceded 57 goals last season, only two clubs in the top 14 final conceded more.

He has improved so much that, not to Eddie Howe levels, but 22 (compared to NUFC’s 11) conceded in the first half this season make Man Utd the fifth worst defense in the Premier League Bye now. Furthermore, they came into last night’s game with a recent record of conceding just two goals in their last five PL games.

Newcastle United’s second-half recovery last season was largely down to keeping them tight at the back and trying to get the first goal. Then the priority is not to score, with the secondary objective of trying to get the second killer goal if possible.

That has changed this season and now with Eddie Howe’s side, in the vast majority of games, it’s more about getting the second goal (and more…) if you take the lead, rather than limiting yourself to what we have Last season this approach was all the more necessary due to a dismal instant relegation struggle that Eddie Howe inherited, the shackles later coming off once Newcastle were safe, Arsenal soiled in the last home game of last season, a game where they had everything to play for as if winning Champions League football was all but assured. Instead, Newcastle scored, went through for a second and then went on to try for a third.

Manchester United have had nothing like these same concerns in the first half of Ten Hag’s season at the club, rather than relegation, they hope for the top four, or even better. However, Manchester United’s focus last night was still on trying to hold on to a 1-0 lead rather than finishing off Crystal Palace. To be fair to Ten Hag, they had won their last five PL games but I think they got it wrong last night.

Crystal Palace were there to catch them and Manchester United let them go, I’m sure Eddie Howe was absolutely watching with great interest.

Commentator and former Arsenal striker Alan Smith said Crystal Palace could not be faulted and the players had given their all. Sorry, but if that’s giving it all, it’s not a very fit team.

What I saw was a lot of Crystal Palace players, especially higher up the pitch, who didn’t give it their all. Maybe I’m just so used to Eddie Howe’s high pace, energy and high pressing now, but at times it seemed so often like a slow-motion replay when someone was going to shut down any Manchester United, even in the second half when Palace was losing!

No win is certain, BUT I think if Eddie Howe has his team on their usual game, pressing high and forcing mistakes high up the pitch, Newcastle United have every chance of blowing them away if they get the first goal , much in the vein of what happened on Boxing Day in Leicester.

I certainly thought that once Fernandes (Doucoure strolling around Palace and not even running to get to his man) scored shortly before half-time, so many Palace players seemed to have accepted defeat. Manchester United should have finished them off, but they didn’t take their chances AND they should have created many more chances, such was their dominance, but they looked to ease them into the second half, rather than kill them off the bear.

Eddie Howe and his players have had double the time to prepare and recover and this is a great opportunity to strengthen our place in the top three or four. Especially with other games looking potentially very useful (Man City v Spurs tonight, then at the weekend Arsenal v Man Utd, Liverpool v Chelsea, Fulham v Spurs etc).

This clash at Selhurst Park at 5.30pm on Saturday, a game in which Newcastle could make it 15 Premier League games unbeaten and 10 wins in their last 13 PL games (the other three had been drawn).

On Saturday we meet a Crystal Palace side that Newcastle United toppled in November 2022 when they beat them in the League Cup.

Patrick Vieira and his men came to a League Cup tie at St James’ Park after a run of half a dozen games in which they had won four and lost just one, drawing the other

That defeat at St James’ Park started a run that has now seen Crystal Palace lose six of their last eight games, with just one win and then last night’s draw against Manchester United.

Newcastle United will be ready for sure and if Eddie Howe has his players at their usual level then Selhurst Park could be very nice to watch on Saturday night.

Source: Manchester United give valuable guidance ahead of Selhurst Park visit for Newcastle United

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