Manchester United Poised to Pay Millions for Ashworth’s Early Release

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United Pursues Key Signing Ahead of Schedule

Manchester United is reportedly on the brink of paying a substantial fee to secure the early appointment of Dan Ashworth from Newcastle United. The deal, expected to be in the ‘low millions’, is a strategic move by the club to accelerate its behind-the-scenes rebuild.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS Prioritizes Ashworth

Following the minority takeover at Old Trafford by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS, Dan Ashworth has emerged as a critical target. Ashworth, who has agreed to terms with United, is set to leave his current role at Newcastle, with staff already informed about his impending departure.

The Cost of Cutting the Wait

Ashworth’s transition to the Red Devils could be delayed by a lengthy gardening leave unless Manchester United is willing to pay a significant fee for his immediate release. Finance expert Kieran Maguire anticipates that United will face expenses similar to the £5 million Newcastle paid Brighton for Ashworth’s services.

Newcastle’s Stance on the Transfer

Newcastle United is expected to enforce strict terms to make the transition as challenging and costly as possible. Maguire notes that Ashworth is highly valued, and Newcastle will likely leverage this to their advantage, seeking to retain his expertise and avoid strengthening a direct competitor.

The Business of Football Transfers

As the sporting world watches, Manchester United’s pursuit of Ashworth becomes a testament to the complex and strategic nature of football management. With Newcastle determined to hold onto their asset, United’s willingness to invest in their off-field team is clear, signaling a new era under Ratcliffe’s guidance.

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