Neymar’s mum and toyboy lover 29 years her junior quizzed by cops after he was rushed to hospital and given 12 stitches

NEYMAR’S mum and her toyboy lover Tiago Ramos have been quizzed by police as part of an investigation into a domestic “accident” which led to the model being rushed to hospital.

The incident first came to light last Wednesday after 23-year-old Ramos had 12 stitches to an arm wound.

Nadine and Tiago were quizzed by police after he needed 12 stitches to a cut
Neymar is said to approve of his mum seemingly getting back together with Tiago

Rio-based newspaper Extra claimed it had been told by a neighbour that Nadine Goncalves and her boyfriend had been heard shouting during a row before last Tuesday night’s incident at an apartment they were sharing in the port city of Santos.

The newspaper also said the injury to Tiago, who had several gay relationships before news of his shock romance with Brazil icon Neymar’s mum emerged in April, had been caused by a glass.

A spokesman for the 52-year-old mum of two ruled out speculation of an assault at the time and said: “There was a domestic accident with Tiago.

“Nadine thought it best to call for an ambulance as a precaution but they are fine. Everything is fine.”

Yesterday it emerged the couple had given statements at a police station in Santos.

A spokesman for Neymar, quoted by the Brazilian press, confirmed Ramos and Nadine went to a police station together to give statements.

He added: “They clarified there was no assault, just a domestic accident that left Tiago’s arm badly injured. He’s still recovering. The two of them are doing well and continuing with their social distancing routines.”

Unconfirmed reports in the Brazilian press have claimed Ramos hurt himself by punching a window during a row.

Ramos attended Neymar’s birthday party in February
Neymar’s mum Nadine confirmed the relationship on Instagram

News of the “domestic accident” confirmed recent reports in the Brazilian press that Nadine and Tiago were dating again after putting an end to their brief affair on May 21.

Nadine went public with their shock romance by posting a photo of them with their arms round each other in her garden on April 11, alongside a message which said: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, just experienced.”

Her footballer son gave the relationship his blessing by replying: “Be happy mum” alongside a heart emoji before adding: “I love you.”

Nadine’s ex Neymar Santos Sr also appeared to give the pair his blessing with applause emojis.

Revelations keep-fit fanatic Tiago had dated a string of men including Neymar’s personal chef, and alleged pressure on Nadine from her family after the model’s gay relationships were made public were blamed for her reported decision to end the brief affair.

Tiago, who is almost 30 years younger than Nadine, is a big fan of her superstar son

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Somente agradecer a ti Senhor…obrigada !

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Parabenizar você hoje seria muito pouco por tudo que desejo a você, pois além de expressar meu amor, cuidado, carinho e muito mais que não canso de fazer seria muito pouco, meu maior desejo hoje e sempre…que a vontade de Deus se prevaleça em sua vida…este sim seria seu maior Parabéns…felicidades não só hoje, mas sempre…que seu sorriso nunca se apague, que suas forças sejam renovadas todos os dias …que suas bençãos sejam liberadas todos os dias de sua vida. Te amo todos os dias

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Obrigada meu Deus ❤

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The pair have steered clear of publicising their affection for each other after their first post confirming they were dating, but are said to have started seeing each other again in secret after a short break.

Last month 44-year-old Spaniard Rita Cumplido, one of at least two older women apart from Nadine that Tiago is understood to have dated in the past, told a Brazilian TV station he had assaulted her during an alcohol-fuelled jealous rage.

She also claimed she had taken out a restraining order against Ramos following the October 2019 assault.

There has been no comment from the Brazilian model to Rita’s interview.

Sao Paulo-based PR consultant Irinaldo Oliver, who confessed to a brief affair with Tiago after his relationship with Nadine became public in April, said: “I was shocked by this news about his new relationship and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“I began to receive photos of him with Neymar’s mum. I’m astonished. I always knew he saw women as well but I had never seen him with any.”

It has also been reported that Tiago was romantically involved with a Brazilian actor and stand-up comic called Carlinhos Maia and a millionaire businessman called Eduardo Pereira is said to have treated him like a “prince” by moving him into his mansion and letting him use his fleet of expensive sports cars.

Tiago, described as a promising player when he played for a club called Ferroviario Atletico Clube based in the city of Fortaleza at the start of his short career, has been described in Brazil as a friend of Neymar’s.

He has also met soccer legends like Ronaldinho, currently under house arrest at a luxury hotel in Paraguay after being detained by police in a falsified passport and alleged money laundering scam.

Tiago wrote after having his photo taken alongside the former Barcelona star in December 2017: “It’s magic. I’m speechless when it comes to describing this moment but my face says it all, lots of happiness and lots of emotion.

“I’m very happy to have known you.”


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