No boss is immune from criticism, not even Frank Lampard – but fans calling for his head already is just ludicrous

IN football, it is normal for fans to offer criticism to players and managers – it’s all part of the game whatever level you are involved with.

It is a fan’s right to voice their opinions on any matter involving the club they spend their hard-earned money and time supporting.

Fans calling for Frank Lampard’s head is just ludicrous

No player or manager should be immune to criticism and every one of them should be judged in the same way, regardless of whether they are a club legend or not.

Frank Lampard has had an inconsistent start to his career as Chelsea manager, that much is undeniable.

His biggest problem has been the defence and how easily they leak goals, so right now Lampard is working on finding that balance.

You can rightly criticise some of his tactics and his in-game management, as that has been questionable at times.

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Whether it is switching formations too often and not building a consistent starting XI or making the wrong substitutions too late in the game, there are a number of things fans are rightly questioning.

Lampard doesn’t seem to know his best formation or how to use his shiny new signings yet, but this can be quite normal when you add SEVEN new players to your starting XI from last season.

It is important Lampard gets it right, but it must not be rushed.

He has some world-class talent at his disposal and he needs to get them playing their best football as soon as possible.

But this cannot be at the expense of the defence, or the attack.

If you are calling for Lampard to be sacked already, or are giving up on him now, then I must question your lack of patience.

All of Chelsea’s top-class new signings have stated that Lampard is partly the reason they joined this club.

They have a firm belief in him, so why shouldn’t we?

He clearly needs some help coaching and organising the defensive side of his management, and all the top managers have a top group of coaches to help with this.

Lampard knew this, which is why he bought in highly regarded coach Anthony Barry, and why he got Petr Cech more hands on in training.

You have seen the signs of improving defensive stability already this season.

Chelsea have kept three clean sheets out of their last four matches; this is a huge step forward.

Dropping Hudson-Odoi for Mount was an odd decision from Lampard

Lampard is a highly-intelligent man, he knows that he must win games now and to do this he needs to get that balance between the defence and the attack.

I too have disagreed with many of Lampard’s decisions, and I will continue to voice my concerns.

I believe he should have kept playing Callum Hudson-Odoi on the wing after his run of good form, rather than selecting central midfielder Mason Mount out wide instead.

And I also question his treatment of Fikayo Tomori, who has disappeared from the squad once again.

But for me to lose patience and give up on Lampard right now would just be ludicrous.

He is on the brink of building something special at this club, and I firmly believe the results will soon come.

If they don’t, then yes, the pressure will rightly ramp up on Lampard, because this is a results-based business and victories earn profits.


By: Dave Fraser
Title: No boss is immune from criticism, not even Frank Lampard – but fans calling for his head already is just ludicrous
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Published Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 12:20:13 +0000

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