Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Recounts the Moment He Knew His Time Was Up at Manchester United

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The Writing on the Wall

In a candid revelation, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has spoken out about the precise moment he was certain his tenure as Manchester United manager was over. Despite a storied career with the club and a promising start as manager, the tide turned against him following a string of poor performances.

A Triumphant Beginning and a Sudden End

Having returned to Old Trafford with much fanfare in December 2018, initially as an interim manager, Solskjaer’s early success saw him secure the position permanently. His leadership saw the team through 168 matches, including a memorable journey to the Europa League final in 2021. However, the joy was short-lived as a series of defeats, including a heavy home loss to rivals Liverpool and Manchester City, set the stage for his exit.

The Watford Defeat: The Last Straw

The 4-1 defeat at Watford became the defining moment of Solskjaer’s managerial stint. With United trailing by two goals at half-time, the atmosphere in the dressing room was heavy with emotion. Solskjaer’s half-time talk was less about tactics and more a concession of his impending departure, leaving some players visibly distressed.

An Emotional Farewell

Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, Solskjaer shared the emotional turmoil of that fateful day. Despite no official word after the match, he sensed the end was nigh. The following morning, a text message from Ed Woodward confirmed his suspicions, leading to a brief meeting and a swift exit. Solskjaer’s integrity shone through as he chose to address his departure immediately, maintaining respect for the club and its players.

Grace Under Pressure

Reflecting on his departure, Solskjaer expressed pride in his time with Manchester United and a desire to handle his exit with the dignity he felt the role deserved. His parting message was one of gratitude, devoid of bitterness, as he chose to focus on the privilege of having served the club rather than dwelling on the circumstances of his departure.

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