Pep Guardiola Could Be Twitch Streamer But

Manchester City star Aymeric Laporte believes Pep Guardiola could stream on Twitch like Luis Enrique but would struggle to find the time to do so.

Spain coach Enrique has been streaming on Twitch before and during the World Cup, giving fans an insight into the thought processes of the coach and the Spanish national team.

A novel idea that had not been tried before, the Spanish coach’s streams have received an enthusiastic response from the fans.

Laporte has no problem with Enrique broadcasting on Twitch, finding it good that the coach expresses himself clearly in the way he wants.

“Very well, he can express himself the way he wants and when he wants,” Laporte told Spanish newspaper Sport when asked how he feels about Enrique’s streaming.

“I think it’s really good.”

The Manchester City defender believes Guardiola could play like Enrique if he wanted, but he would struggle to devote enough time to it.

“I could do it, but I don’t know if I would have time,” Laporte added when asked if Guardiola could do the same as Enrique.

Guardiola has signed a new contract with Manchester City that keeps him at the Etihad until 2025, and the prospect of him starting his streaming career any time soon remains bleak.

Source: Pep Guardiola Could Be Twitch Streamer But

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