Premier League fixtures TV Times LEAKED: Tottenham vs Man Utd Friday Night Football, BBC and Amazon revealed

WE’RE one step closer to top-flight football returning in England.

After the government confirmed that top level sport can return after June 1, the Premier League has voted for a June 17 restart.

Man City vs Arsenal will be the first Premier League fixture played after the restart

If there are no other setbacks, Project Restart is now set to come into fruition with the 2019/20 season to be completed by the beginning of August.


When is the Premier League set to return?

Project Restart is the name given to the Premier League’s plan to get top-flight football going again in England.

There have been no Prem games held since March 9 and the government have always maintained that none would be held until it was ‘safe to do so’.

Boris Johnson has published his ‘road map’ as the country looks to navigate through the Covid-19 outbreak, which includes the new guidelines for professional sport.

Most teams currently have ten games remaining in the 2019/20 season, while Man City, Sheffield United, Arsenal and Aston Villa have 11 still to play.

And on May 28, it was revealed clubs are pushing for the top-flight to restart on June 17 and finish on August 1.

West Ham are mired in a relegation battle

Do we know what date the Premier League will restart?

The first games are set to be held on Wednesday June 17 and will feature Man City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield United.

The fixtures remaining are as follows, with the first THREE matchrounds’ TV times leaked.

Premier League remaining fixtures

Wed, June 17 (games in hand)

  • Aston Villa vs Sheffield United – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Manchester City vs Arsenal – Sky Sports – 8.15pm

Fri, June 19

  • Norwich City vs Southampton – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United – Sky Sports – 8pm

Sat, June 20

  • Watford vs Leicester City – BT Sport – 12.30pm
  • Brighton and Hove Albion vs Arsenal – BT Sport – 3pm
  • West Ham United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – Sky Sports – 5.30pm
  • Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace – BBC Sport – 7.45pm

Sun, June 21

  • Newcastle United vs Sheffield United – Sky Sports – 2pm
  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea – Sky Sports – 4.30pm
  • Everton vs Liverpool – Sky Sports – 7pm

Mon, June 22

  • Manchester City vs Burnley – Sky Sports – 8pm

Tues, June 23

  • Southampton vs Arsenal – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United – Sky Sports – 8.15pm

Weds, June 24

  • Manchester United vs Sheffield United – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Newcastle United vs Aston Villa – BT Sport – 6pm
  • Norwich City vs Everton – BBC Sport – 6pm
  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Sky Sports –  8.15pm

Thurs, June 25

  • Burnley vs Watford – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Leicester City vs Brighton and Hove Albion – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Chelsea vs Manchester City – Sky Sports – 8.15pm
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Bournemouth – BT Sport – 8.15pm

Sat, June 27

  • Sheffield United vs Arsenal (FA Cup quarter-final) – BT Sport – 5pm
  • Norwich City vs Manchester United (FA Cup quarter-final) – BBC Sport – 8.15pm

Sun, June 28

  • Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – BT Sport – 12pm
  • Leicester City vs Chelsea (FA Cup quarter-final) – BT Sport – 2.30pm
  • Watford vs Southampton – Sky Sports – 4.30pm

Mon, June 29

  • Crystal Palace vs Burnley – Amazon Prime – 8pm

Tues, June 30

  • Brighton and Hove Albion vs Manchester United – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur – Sky Sports – 8.15pm

Weds, July 1

  • Bournemouth vs Newcastle United – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • Everton vs Leicester City – Sky Sports – 6pm
  • West Ham United vs Chelsea – Sky Sports – 8.15pm

Thurs, July 2

  • Arsenal vs Norwich City – BT Sport – 6pm
  • Manchester City vs Liverpool – Sky Sports – 8.15pm

Week 33

  • Burnley vs Sheffield United
  • Chelsea vs Watford
  • Leicester City vs Crystal Palace
  • Liverpool vs Aston Villa
  • Manchester United vs Bournemouth
  • Newcastle United vs West Ham United
  • Norwich City vs Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Southampton vs Manchester City
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Arsenal

Premier League table

Week 34

  • Arsenal vs Leicester City
  • Aston Villa vs Manchester United
  • Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur
  • Brighton and Hove Albion vs Liverpool
  • Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
  • Everton vs Southampton
  • Manchester City vs Newcastle United
  • Sheffield United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Watford vs Norwich City
  • West Ham United vs Burnley

Week 35

  • Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace
  • Bournemouth vs Leicester City
  • Brighton and Hove Albion vs Manchester City
  • Liverpool vs Burnley
  • Manchester United vs Southampton
  • Norwich City vs West Ham United
  • Sheffield United vs Chelsea
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal
  • Watford vs Newcastle United
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Everton

Week 36

  • Arsenal vs Liverpool
  • Burnley vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Chelsea vs Norwich City
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester United
  • Everton vs Aston Villa
  • Leicester City vs Sheffield United
  • Manchester City vs Bournemouth
  • Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur
  • Southampton vs Brighton and Hove Albion
  • West Ham United vs Watford

Week 37

  • Aston Villa vs Arsenal
  • Bournemouth vs Southampton
  • Brighton and Hove Albion vs Newcastle United
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea
  • Manchester United vs West Ham United
  • Norwich City vs Burnley
  • Sheffield United vs Everton
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City
  • Watford vs Manchester City
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Crystal Palace

Week 38

  • Arsenal vs Watford
  • Burnley vs Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur
  • Everton vs Bournemouth
  • Leicester City vs Manchester United
  • Manchester City vs Norwich City
  • Newcastle United vs Liverpool
  • Southampton vs Sheffield United
  • West Ham United vs Aston Villa


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