Premier League Star Accused of Skimping on Child Support

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Child Maintenance Scandal

A Premier League footballer has come under fire for allegedly paying his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his child, a mere fraction of his substantial daily earnings. The player, who has not been named but is reported to have played in the 2022 World Cup, is said to be giving her only £1,280 per month, which is claimed to be just half of his daily income from his club contract.

Denial and DNA Evidence

The football star initially refused to acknowledge paternity of the child, prompting a DNA test that eventually confirmed his fatherhood. According to a close source, the player, whose annual earnings are near the £1 million mark, only began providing financial assistance after the test results, leaving his former partner struggling financially in the meantime.

A Turbulent Relationship

The relationship between the player and his ex-girlfriend, who had been together since their teenage years, deteriorated when she became pregnant. Following the pregnancy news, the player is accused of attempting to persuade her to terminate the pregnancy, and upon her refusal, he ended the relationship. The former partner was reportedly left without sufficient funds, while the player continued to enjoy an opulent lifestyle.

Legal Measures and Court Orders

In the wake of their separation, the player’s ex was compelled to take legal action, obtaining a non-molestation order to protect herself from potential violence. A friend of the ex-girlfriend detailed the emotional and financial turmoil she endured, including the footballer’s initial denial of their child and his alleged affairs with other women.

Reluctance and Legal Intervention

The player’s alleged reluctance to cooperate with the Department for Work and Pensions in establishing paternity led to intervention from the ex-girlfriend’s local MP. The MP’s involvement brought to light the player’s resistance to DNA testing and his alleged attempts to conceal his true income.

Court Revelations and Public Outcry

It was during a court hearing that the player’s salary was disclosed, revealing his lavish expenditures, including a new house and substantial monthly payments to his parents. Despite this, the court’s maintenance order of £1,280 per month was criticized by the ex-girlfriend’s friend as insufficient, particularly for childcare costs, forcing her to rely on the generosity of friends and family to make ends meet.

The Struggle for Fairness

The situation has sparked a debate about the responsibilities of high-earning individuals in supporting their children. The ex-girlfriend’s friend has condemned the maintenance amount as a “paltry sum” and highlights the stark contrast between the player’s luxurious lifestyle and the financial challenges faced by the mother of his child.

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