Ruben Loftus-Cheek accuses neighbours of ‘borderline racism’ over complaint of ‘drill rap’ blasting from £1.7m mansion

CHELSEA’S Ruben Loftus-Cheek accused his neighbours of “borderline racism” after they complained about “drill rap” coming from his Surrey mansion.

The football star’s comments came before he lost a planning appeal over a 6ft deck already built in the garden of the £1.7m home.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek has lost an appeal to keep decking in his garden

His neighbours in Surrey had complained about noise and privacy concerns

In a letter to Elmbridge Borough Council, the 24-year-old slammed his neighbour’s objection to his already-built decking as “frankly pathetic”.

He said their privacy hadn’t been compromised as the decking matched the sloping bank where a tree had been previously, with a higher fence built.

He wrote: “There is no way we can see into their garden.”

One neighbour had complained: “We have certainly lost the earlier privacy of our garden.

“The decking also seems to accommodate speakers which face directly towards our garden, and during summer months we are regularly forced to scream over the fence to get the volume turned down.”

But the England international hit back with: “This is extremely rude.

“I can only recall one incident this summer where we when [sic] we had played music. In the day time on a weekend. 

“And we were forced to turn it off by dramatic screams and whistles.


“We have not played music after hours. No rules have been broken here.

“The fact that our music is ‘ghetto’ and not conformed to their ‘leafy Surrey’ taste, I find extremely offensive and borderline racist.

“To conclude, we are residents here and have the right to enjoy our garden without being victimised by ridiculous and petty remarks because of our differences in the local neighbourhood.”

The dispute began three years ago when the deck was built without planning permission.

Mr Loftus-Cheek applied for retrospective planning permission but was denied, and his appeal also shot down – and he will now have to remove the decking.

Planning inspector Hilary Orr said: “I find that the development is significantly harmful to the living conditions of existing and future occupiers [of the neighbouring property] with reference to loss of privacy and overlooking.”

And the planning inspector ruled: “I conclude that the appeal should not succeed. I shall uphold the enforcement notice and refuse to grant planning permission on the application.”

The footballer has fallen foul of his neighbours in Cobham before, with arguments over a previous extension plan.

The Chelsea star hit out at their complaints

The spacious home is close to the star’s training ground

The Chelsea player lodged the complaint against his neighbour’s concerns


By: Ellie Cambridge
Title: Ruben Loftus-Cheek accuses neighbours of ‘borderline racism’ over complaint of ‘drill rap’ blasting from £1.7m mansion
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Published Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2020 10:15:57 +0000

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