Shifts in Fortune: UK’s Richest Billionaires Revealed

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Wealth Takes a Hit

Amid the flutter of fortunes, Sir Jim Ratcliffe finds himself in a slightly less golden spot than before. Despite maintaining a position within the top echelons of the UK’s wealthiest, the Manchester United co-owner has experienced a significant £6 billion reduction in his net worth over the last year.

From Petrochemicals to Football: Ratcliffe’s Journey

Since launching petrochemical conglomerate INEOS in 1998, Ratcliffe has diversified his portfolio, venturing into the world of football. His investments span from Swiss team FC Lausanne-Sport to France’s Ligue 1 club Nice, culminating in his acquisition of a 27.7% stake in Manchester United, a move costing him around £1.25 billion.

The Rich List’s Top Contenders

Despite the financial dip, Ratcliffe secures fourth place in the Sunday Times Rich List of 2024, trailing behind investor Gopi Hinduja and family, who lead with £37.196 billion. Sir Leonard Blavatnik and property moguls David and Simon Reuben follow, with Ratcliffe’s current wealth sitting at £23.519 billion.

Sporting Success Stories

Sporting legends also make their mark on the Rich List, with Formula 1’s Sir Lewis Hamilton steering into ninth place in the ’40 under 40′ category at £350 million. Golfer Rory McIlroy and boxer Anthony Joshua find themselves among the ranks, alongside musicians and footballers making an impact beyond their fields of play.

The Rich List: A Digital Exclusive

For those keen on delving into the full details of wealth and status, the complete Sunday Times Rich List has been made an exclusive offering to the publication’s digital subscribers, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the financial standings of the UK’s billionaire club.

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