Spanish Model Paddy Noarbe Cheers on Footballer Husband in Style

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Glamorous Support from the Sidelines

As the Euros approach, model Paddy Noarbe strikes a stunning pose, showcasing her support for her football star husband, Marcos Llorente of Atletico Madrid. The 27-year-old Spanish beauty, photographed in a chic halterneck swimsuit, is all set to cheer on her midfielder spouse as he gears up for the highly anticipated tournament this June.

Striking Gold at Laureus World Sport Awards

Noarbe isn’t just a supportive wife; she’s also making her mark on the world stage. This week, she dazzled at the Laureus World Sport Awards, setting a gold standard for glamour and sophistication.

Marcos Llorente’s Unconventional Diet Secrets

Off the pitch, Llorente has made headlines with his unique dietary choices. The 29-year-old Champions League winner with Real Madrid in 2018 adheres to what’s colloquially known as the ‘caveman diet.’ This Paleolithic-era inspired regimen excludes all ultra-processed foods, with Llorente eschewing common staples like pasta, bread, and cereal.

Back to Basics: The Stone Age Diet

Embracing the eating habits of our ancestors, Llorente’s diet is strictly limited to foods available during the Old Stone Age. He avoids anything he deems ultra-processed and has a particular distaste for cereals. However, his plate is far from empty, as he enjoys high-quality meats, fish, select dairy such as fine cheeses, and a variety of vegetables. Carbohydrates also make the cut, with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava featuring in his meals.

Llorente’s Philosophy on Nutrition

Speaking on Cadena SER’s El Larguero programme, Llorente shared his dietary philosophy, “It would be eating what was eaten in the Paleolithic. You would have to eliminate all ultra-processed foods. Don’t even look at them. And also cereals. Everything that is pasta, bread, wheat, rice… also dairy. Only high-quality cheeses. I eat everything. Meat, like the steak that I love. Fish, eggs, vegetables. And carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava.”

With his unconventional diet and Noarbe’s unwavering support, Llorente is set to make a splash at the Euros. Fans will be watching both on and off the field as this power couple takes the spotlight.

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