Sunderland fans are now sentenced to a lifetime of Newcastle United misery

Well this was the weekend it was, first it started with a kidney stone that plagued me for 6 years, having had one a few years ago I can confirm the pain is excruciating…and this it was no different, pushing and shoving waiting for the pipe. cleaners to do their job, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, I’d wish it on RTG protanogists? Not at all! Sunderland fans are now condemned to a lifetime of Newcastle United misery, and no amount of whining, blaming or virtuous living will change that.

So, watching from afar on Sunday, a couple of things came to mind.

Firstly, we were not at our best, in fact we were far from it. So to win so convincingly says everything about how good this team is. How many times have we played well and lost, or at least thought we had, this team can take things to a new level and with more smart investments it is not possible.

Second, are our fans that wonderful? Sometimes when you meet them, you take it for granted, but hearing it clearly on TV and seeing the happy faces says it all, you can also tell that the team and the fans are totally one. God bless all the damned of you (us).

Like I say, I didn’t think we were at our best, but when you have players playing for each other and in good form, things happen, Take Miggy’s goal. When he called into the box, the Southampton defender must have had a moment of panic as his legs and body were suddenly on different wavelengths, clearly Miggy wasn’t going to let this chance slip away .

To be fair, Southampton had a couple of clear chances but I think if they had taken one we would have refocused and scored more. Every goal had a touch of quality and credit to Chris Wood for it being a smart finish, while Bruno was simply a class player who showed just that. I know there have been rumors, but he is here for the long haul, why take a step when his dreams can be achieved here? We know it and he knows it and it’s clear that he loves the club and the area in general.

Unfortunately it was the final nail in the coffin for Ralph and his unpronounceable surname, to be fair I think he was doing a good job but the Southampton fans and board thought otherwise and another one bites the dust .

So this week we have two chances to look forward to, a stick or spin game against Crystal Palace and a game against Chelsea where for once we go in as favorites against them. Eddie will no doubt rest a day or two on Wednesday, but we have some quality on the bench. I’m sure Anderson, Fraser, Lascelles, Targett, maybe Manquillo, will get their chance and why not? Chris Wood will no doubt lead the line as well, it’s a chance for them to shine and I think we’ll have too much for Palace, even if they come out heavy-handed.

Then a big Saturday in what will be a booze-fueled rock SJP, a big send-off while this ridiculous break takes place, but a win or even a draw against Chelsea will see us build on this current Premier League spot Champions, and we can look down for a few weeks with a certain amount of smugness.

An old man told me yesterday that he thinks we can win the Premier League this year. I actually don’t think so, as Man City in my eyes are way ahead of the rest. However, given that some teams will have to think about Europe and, in their case, winning the CL, it will leave them a bit while we can focus solely on the ‘triple’. It’s not an impossible dream, just an unlikely dream, but if we keep winning who knows what’s possible?

Elsewhere, what’s going on?

Well, Klopp hit back with a win at Spurs who quickly faded away, while Man Utd continued their mixed form by crashing out at Aston Villa, all good results for us. Of course, Man City and Arsenal won again and it’s safe to say that the Gunners are looking the part, but they haven’t played us yet, so those are more games to look forward to after the break. Personally, I think Arsenal lack the strength in depth, but they also don’t have CL to aim for, so who knows what will happen. Whatever happens, it’s a pleasure to participate.

On the road, envy-bitten Sunderland fans see their team continue to splurge and it’s clear they’re closer to the bottom than the top. Could they revisit the third level? Who knows, but it’s fun to watch from afar. Meanwhile, there are rumblings that some of their younger fans are having a big time with the visitors at the Stadium of Light, apparently a bit of malarkey with Cardiff after the game on Saturday near the away fan buses. History will tell you that Cardiff isn’t always the friendliest place to go, so they may be setting up their traveling fans for some uncomfortable visits later in the season. They have Millwall in the SOS, they keep doing the big boys.

I know we sometimes talk about bygone eras here and the naughty things we and many others did, but that was back in the days when mobile phones, X-boxes, CCTV etc. it was stuff you saw on Star Trek and yes it was. It’s funny sometimes, but times have changed, so acting big and putting it on YouTube just makes for comical viewing.

I know I frequent their RTG website, it actually used to be one of the best online sites in the country, but since they took over, the fun has largely gone and been replaced by bitterness. However, one thing I’ve seen are ‘threads’ where Sunderland fans talk about black and white shirts suddenly appearing in supposedly red and white strongholds, that’s where the future is going to be. I know there are a lot of reds and whites in Northumberland just as some areas of South East Durham have pockets of black and white, but some of the mixed areas will eventually see more black and white, it’s a fact that kids follow success and while there will always be great strengths of Sunderland, they could lose many future supporters. It’s a good series of films…Penshaw is down!

In the FA Cup, South Shields and Gateshead bowed out in disgrace, both unlucky not to force replays. There’s still some time left, but wouldn’t it be great if our neighbors made it to the third round, something to think about as the World Cup kicks off!

Anyway enough from me, have a great week.

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