Top sports stars with world’s worst tattoos including Beckham, Sancho, Bellerin, Dele, Hart and a Tokyo 2020 howler

THEY say money can’t buy you taste.

And for all the millions today’s top athletes make – whether it be footballers or any other sports star – it appears that mantra has never been more true than when applied to tattoos.

Goalkeeper Joe Hart is the latest footballer to get an eyesore of a tattoo

Former England goalkeeper Joe Hart proved that with the massive block of ink across his right shoulder.

And not even the unofficial King of Cool David Beckham is immune to an occasional style blunder.

Here’s a look at some of the worst around.

Dele Alli

Dele Alli has a tattoo of Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones on his forearm

Look past the gold bling and you will see Spurs star Alli’s permanent tribute to Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones.

A somewhat unconventional choice, Alli – whose first name is Bamidele – is thought to have got it because his nickname is Bam Bam.

David Beckham

England Becks has an intricate grouping of planets inked on his head

A fashion icon the world over and hugely admired midfielder, we’ll let Becks off for this one given he’s barely put a foot wrong in the past, apart from that sarong, those cornrows and that all-leather get-up…

Beckham, 45, has more than 40 tattoos but this one is probably the strangest, not least because of where it is.

Derlys Ayala

Olympic runner got Tokyo 2020 tattooed on his calf – before the Games was postponed by a year due to coronavirus.

The 30-year-old qualified for Tokyo after finishing fifth overall in the Buenos Aires Marathon in September 2019.

Ayala – who represented Paraguay in the 2016 Olympics in Rio in the marathon where he finished in 136th place – got the Olympics rings plus the date and location inked on – but now he will need to change the 0 to a 1.

Sergio Aguero

Man City’s Sergio Aguero isn’t quite sure what his Lord of the Rings tattoo says

Those are not hieroglyphics down the prolific striker’s forearm but the Elvish language from Lord of the Rings.

Aguero must be a pretty big fan of the film, then, huh?

Er, no. But he must at least know what it means? Nope – he hasn’t even seen the movie.

Nicolas Otamendi

Most people get tattoos of the things that are most important to them – family members, dates and religious symbols.

Former Man City ace Otamendi, though, clearly loves watching TV so much and has inked stars from hit shows Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and Vikings on his back.

At the top of his back, the Benfica defender, 32, has Walter White, the main character in Breaking Bad, while lower down there is an image of Peaky Blinders hero Thomas Shelby.

Nicolas Otamendi showed off his impressive tattoo collection after the full-time whistle in Milan
Nicolas Otamendi showed off his impressive tattoo collection after the full-time whistle in Milan

The main characters from Breaking Bad - Walter White - and Peaky Blinders - Thomas Shelby - feature on the Argentinian's back
The main characters from Breaking Bad – Walter White – and Peaky Blinders – Thomas Shelby – feature on the Argentinian’s back

To the left appears to be Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings.

They make up what is an impressive collection including a pocket watch, a lion, a bear and the more regular tatts such as names of some of his family members.

Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho sporting his new tattoos at training for his club Borussia Dortmund

It’s easy to make the link between rapid England winger Sancho and his tattoo of Sonic the Hedgehog.

After that, things become a bit of a stretch.

Having the Simpsons daubed on his arm can perhaps be likened to his Dortmund side’s famous Yellow Wall – if you were really trying.

But Spiderman? There’s only so much Cartoon Network one man can need.

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin has the word ‘two’ tattooed on his leg to match his shirt number

When he’s not flaunting questionable clobber at fashion shows, Bellerin likes to pose in retro-style photos, get tattoos and play football.

Here, he dedicates his commitment to the Arsenal cause by getting his shirt number permanently etched on his thigh.

Erik Lamela

Lamela has a tattoo of a dog on his thigh

Dodgy tattoos have no allegiance and could not care less about who rules North London.

Lamela’s tattoo proves just as much, with it coming on his thigh – like Bellerin’s – and being just as bad. Although plus points for it being a lovable dog.

Artur Boruc

Words cannot do justice to just how bad the Bournemouth keeper’s monkey tattoo is

Just awful.

No. Not even doing a ‘monkeying around’ pun for this.

Eljero Elia

Eljero Elia spelled Feyenoord incorrectly and got the date of his Cup final win as May 24 rather than April 24

Spell the name of your club incorrectly? Check. Get the date wrong of the final you played in and won? Check.

Feyenoord winger Elia had a stinker with this tattoo back in 2016, but got it corrected to display the correct details.

Uros Vitas

Vitos’ inking was a nice thought… but should have remained just a thought

Fair play to Serbian defender Vitas for showing off the love of his life, Andrijana, in tattoo form.

Shame it looked so horrendous.

Marcelo Brozovic

Brozovic’s weird hand tattoo is one of a kind

Inter midfielder Brozovic got this ‘epic Brozo’ tattoo to match his equally epic celebration whenever he scores.

Not only is it in a peculiar position on the top of his hand, he also opened a bar in his native Croatia with the name Epic Brozo and, yep, you guessed it, an image of the winking face.

Amato Ciciretti

How will Amati Ciciretti’s social media tattoo have aged by the time he’s 50?

He is the journeyman Italian on loan to Ascoli in Serie B, but Ciciretti must be social media famous to go to the lengths of having his Twitter handle tattooed on his calf?

Surprisingly, no. Instead, the 26-year-old has just 2,374 followers, has tweeted just 31 times and his last came almost two years ago. Any regrets, Amato?

Nile Ranger

Nile Ranger is among the footballers with the world’s worst tattoos

Nile Ranger got his surname tattooed across his head

Perhaps it was just in case he forgot. Nile Ranger – or, as the tattoo would suggest, Nile Ranges – went through the unnecessary pain of having his surname printed above his eye.

To be fair to the man who has a smiley face tattooed inside his mouth, there wasn’t much space left on the rest of his body.

Layvin Kurzawa

The belly-button should have one job, and one job only

Not quite as bad as Boruc, but here’s another footballer who mistook the belly-button’s purpose for postnatal artwork.

Paris Saint-Germain’s left-back needs to keep his shirt on with the terrifying face on his stomach.

Daniele de Rossi

Italian midfielder sent a message to opponents with his calf tattoo

At first glance, the Italian’s calf looks more like it should be placed outside the gents’ loo.

Instead, De Rossi’s hazard warning tattoo backs up his hardman image as the tough-tackling midfielder snapping at opponent’s ankles.

Marko Arnautovic

Marko Arnautovic could not quite decide which font to have

A message of motivation is blazoned across the West Ham forward’s stomach.

The problem is Arnautovic seemed as certain about the font he wanted for the tattoo as he was about which club he’d be playing for in January.

Mauro Junior

An iconic image with a motivational message?

There was, perhaps, an oversight when PSV’s young midfielder got a famous image tattooed down his left forearm.

Some will see King Arthur attempting to pull the legendary sword from a stone. Others? Well, we’ll leave that to you..

Ricardo Quaresma

Chelsea flop Ricardo Quaresma has some questionable facial tattoos

Is there something the former Porto and Chelsea man needs to tell us?

In most quarters, teardrop tattoos tend to signify the amount of people the wearer had killed in prison.

Quaresma’s short stay at Stamford Bridge didn’t include much lethal work.

Jay Bothroyd

Do you love it or hate it?

On first look, the former England striker appears to have a random arsenal pictured down his ribs.

Tilt you head slightly and the weapons just about spell out the word ‘love’. Awe?



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