Wolves’ Campaign to Ditch VAR Meets Resistance

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The Push for Change

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ attempt to remove Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology from Premier League football appears to be facing an uphill battle. Despite the club’s efforts to propose a resolution against VAR, inside sources suggest that the technology is here to stay. The Premier League’s annual general meeting on June 6th will be the stage where all 20 member clubs will voice their opinions on the matter.

VAR: A Fixture in Football?

Senior correspondent Pete O’Rourke, speaking on Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast, expressed surprise at Wolves’ bold move, given that VAR has been a contentious point throughout the season. However, he noted that the technology, which was introduced in 2019 to assist on-field officials and correct “clear and obvious” errors, is likely to remain a part of the game.

Wolves’ Frustration with VAR

Wolves have argued that while VAR was implemented “in good faith,” it has resulted in “numerous unintended negative consequences” that have strained the bond between supporters and the sport. O’Rourke highlighted that Wolves have felt particularly aggrieved by VAR this season, having been on the receiving end of several controversial decisions.

Majority Rule for Rule Changes

For any rule alteration to take effect, including the abolition of VAR, at least 14 clubs must vote in favor. The likelihood of this happening seems slim, especially considering the Premier League’s commitment to the technology they’ve spent five years developing. The league has recognized the concerns raised but continues to “fully support” VAR, looking to make improvements in collaboration with the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

Big Six Clubs Stand by VAR

The influential ‘Big Six’ – Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham – are anticipated to maintain their support for VAR for the foreseeable future. Their backing significantly influences the overall sentiment towards the technology within the league, further diminishing Wolves’ chances of seeing VAR scrapped anytime soon.

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